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Cotswold Crusaders Boccia Club will be at Robinswood Hill as part of FestivALL 2021 on Tuesday 27 July to demonstrate the inclusive sport of Boccia.

Boccia is a precision sport similar to bowls where two players or teams compete to propel red or blue balls close to the white target or “jack” ball. 

It is very easy to learn the basics of how to play and is a lot of fun!

Boccia is played from a seated position and so is ideal for anyone less mobile but can be played by anyone – with or without any sort of disability or impairment. Assistive devices such as ramps can be used for those unable to throw the balls and the game can be adapted for those with a visual impairment. It is a fun, social activity where you can meet new people and learn new skills. There are competitive pathways open to players with eligible disabilities, and our club supports anyone with an interest in taking the sport further competitively, as well as those who just want a bit of fun!