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The Sticky Dance


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    1. 14:00 - 17:00

Interactive, engaging and colourful family show The Sticky Dance!

Date: Thursday 17th October 2024
2pm - 5pm
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Three dancers' shimmy through the audience weaving a tapestry of sticky tape in this tactile dance performance for young children. They invite you to tape, stick and groove, to see and feel sound or to be still, watch and listen. Audiences are encouraged to explore freely, choosing how they engage and turning the rules upside down.

The Sticky Dance is open for 2 hours for each performance. We recommend you spend approximately 45 minutes in the space, although you can choose to stay for longer or less. 

Please book one of the entrance times available every 15 minutes. The first 2 entry times have a lower capacity, for children who might prefer a gentler start.

Late comers and re-entry is permitted, however if the space is already full, we may ask you to wait.

Performances at 2pm and 2:15pm are gentle performances with a lower capacity for children who may prefer this.

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