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The Rainbow Streets

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Take a colourful walk down Gloucester's famous rainbow streets!

You can find them here:

  • St Mark Street  GL1 2QQ
  • Sebert Street GL1 3BS

Local colour creative Tash Frootko took transforming a street to the next level in Summer 2020 when she painted forty of the fifty-two houses on St Mark Street in exceptionally bold and vibrant colours.

If you love colour then you will adore this kaleidoscopic street now fondly known as 'The Rainbow Street'. The now famous street, located a ten minute walk from the city centre gained huge amounts of media attention.

One of the windows near the mid point of the street has been decorated by Tash with information about the project and features a commission from artist Georgia Hurley. The artwork depicts all of the houses from the street in correct colour order on a wheel. Which is your favourite house colour and can you locate it on the wheel?

Take a short stroll to Sebert Street to see more colourful houses and then onto Nettleton Road in the city centre where Tash has painted twelve more houses in beautiful colours.

Tag and share your Rainbow Street pictures on social media. Instagram @tashfrootko  Twitter @FrootkoTash

The Rainbow Streets - image 1
The Rainbow Streets - image 1

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