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Saul Junction

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Saul Junction is where the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal meets the Stroud water Canal and was a great meeting place for ships and crew, boats and boaters from around the world. Yes, we did say ships because Saul Junction is on the route the tall ships take from the River Severn to Gloucester Docks a few miles up the canal.

Today the junction is still popular with boaters and there are many lovely walks along the idyllic waterways. Nearby is Saul Junction Marina and Saul Junction Visitor Centre.

The centre is run by the Costwold Canals Trust. And while the Canal & River Trust is the charity that cares for 2,000 miles of waterways (including the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal), both charities work together on a number of projects around Saul Junction and the Stroud water Navigation.

Toilets can be found in the Stables café and at the visitor centre.

Things to do and see

Places to eat:

  • The Stables Cafe
  • Cotswold Canals Trust - Visitor Centre - 
  • Saul picnic spot: There are picnic benches in the café area.

If you walk the length of the canal you will might discover the Wholly Gelato farm where you can pick up fresh milkshakes and ice cream!

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