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This walk leads you through lowland beech and yew woodlands, with a section passing through some limestone grasslands, an excellent spot for seeing orchids and other special flowers of this area.
A short walk perfect for a quick stroll and some fresh air.  As you pass through the woods, you'll see a long barrow, thought to be one of the largest found locally. Grade of walk: Trainer (all rounder); Type of walk: 'Hidden Places', 'Flora & Fauna'.

Route details

  • Randwick Woods nr Stroud, Gloucestershire
  • Difficulty - Moderate
  • Time 30 mins - 40 mins
  • Distance1 mile (1.6 km)
  • Map - Landranger 162
  • Dogs allowed

Start: Randwick Woods car park, grid ref: SO8230651

From the car park take the track (known as Robbers Road) that runs between the woods and the field until you reach a set of large boulders on your right. Turn right here, following the path around until you see a stile on your right.

Randwick Wap - The Randwick Wap is an ancient village festivity, still in existence, but first described in 1893. The events started with an election, by crying the Mayor, with all votes carefully recorded in a poll book. The newly elected mayor presided over a feast, and then the villagers processed to the mayors pool where a song was sung by all. The mayor was then carried on a chair into the pool. Everyone then all returned to the cider houses for further merry-making.

Climb over this style into the paddock, where you can see a wide variety of limestone grassland flowers, such as orchids and twayblades. Walk down this paddock and follow the woodland edge to your left. This will lead you first down the slope then returning back up hill towards a millennium seat.

Long Barrow - The Long Barrow was excavated in 1883 by Mr G B Witts and Mr E Witchell. They described discovering skeletons in a sitting position outside the main chamber and assumed them to be slaves. Further human remains, pottery fragments, part of a Roman horse shoe and worked flints were found within the main chamber.

Just above the seat re-enter the woods over a style. Turn right on this footpath and follow it until you reach the lowest point still in the woods. Then turn left and follow the path back up the hill, keeping to the right as it forks.
A new life down under - In 1841, civil servant and land agent, Simeon Henry Pearce, emigrated from Randwick at the age of 20 and set up a new life in Australia as a butcher. This career was short-lived, but by 1847 he had bought land, built a house and was forging a career as a civil servant. He bought more and more land, which was profitably sold for developing fashionable houses. Pearce was the area's inaugural mayor in 1859 and twice again in later years. The municipality was named after his home village and the new church he helped finance was an imitation of that in Randwick, Gloucestershire.

When you reach a track running at right angles to yours, turn right, walking until you see a five bar gate. Here you return to Robbers Road.

Turn left and follow Robbers Road. On your left you'll see a long barrow, thought to be one of the largest in the area. Shortly after the long barrow you'll come to a smaller path crossing the main track. Take the right path and follow it downhill.

When you reach the bottom of the path, turn left on to a track running along the flat. Follow this track, passing by a five bar gate, and continue along the track until you reach a metal vehicle barrier.

At this barrier you'll see the remains of an old quarry on your left. Follow the track uphill, returning to the car park.
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End: Randwick Woods car park, grid ref: SO823065

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