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Odda’s Chapel, Deerhurst, Gloucester, GL19 4BX.

Thought I’d share a lovely, circular walk that the kids and I did recently. We walked along the banks of the River Severn, picnicked under a beautiful oak tree, found a sailing club, loads of cows and some stunning views. The kids absolutely loved the play area in Apperley and we saw some beautiful homes and gardens along the way too.

From the car park, go through the gate towards the oak tree. At the oak tree, turn left and follow the footpath along the river. At the pub, turn left, cross the road and pick up the footpath again. 

Before you get the farm house, turn right and head through the gate and across the fields keeping the houses on your left. There's a break in the houses where you can leave the fields and walk down the road to the play area. To finish the walk, head over the fields at the back of the park and pick up the footpath by going over the style and then immediately turning to the right and going over the next style (almost going back on yourself). 

When you reach the farm, keep the cow barn on your right then leave the field for the road and walk through the flood gate. You can now see Odda's Chapel in the distance.

Parking? There’s a very small parking area next to the chapel, but also some lay-by parking just before you get there.

Please Note - After much rainfall in the winter months Odda's Chapel Loop is prone to flooding.

Distance? 4.5 mile loop.

Buggy friendly? Not really. There are lots of stiles and some quite narrow trails.

More info? Google ‘deerhurst oddas chapel loop walk’ route.

Odda's Chapel Loop - image 1Odda's Chapel Loop - image 2Odda's Chapel Loop - image 3
Odda's Chapel Loop - image 1Odda's Chapel Loop - image 2

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