Gloucester Rocks

Mizuiku Family Workshops - Eco-Detectives


Next dates

    1. 10:00 - 15:00

Come and join us by the banks of the river!

Families with children are invited to come along and meet our friendly team at this wonderful location by the banks for the river. In this two hour ‘Eco Detectives’ workshop you will:

  • Be a river scientist, have a go at testing water quality
  • Investigate how we can reduce pollution and save precious water
  • Try out water marbling art (Suminagashi) to learn what happens when oil spills on water

We have 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm slots available

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About Severn Rivers Trust

Severn Rivers Trust is a small charity of river experts. It’s our job to restore and protect our rivers – safe clean plentiful water is essential for us all. You can find out more about our work and how you can get involved on our website

About Mizuiku

We are delighted to be running these activities free of charge for families thanks to an exciting collaboration with Suntory Beverage & Food Great Britain & Ireland (SBF GB&I) - owner of Lucozade and Ribena. With these workshops we are expanding Suntory’s water education programme in the UK. Known as the ‘Mizuiku’ programme, "mizu" means water, and "iku" means education in Japanese, and reflects the importance of learning about and caring for water. This is the perfect partnership for sharing the message about the importance of water conservation.

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