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Lydney Harbour is well worth visiting as a place of beauty but also to see the power and force of the River Seven and its estuary which has the second highest tidal range in the world.

From Roman times through the industrial revolution and well into the 20th century Lydney Harbour has been a cornerstone of the River Severn's heritage.

The Severn Estuary is one of the UK's national heritage jewels, known the world over for its massive tidal range and internationally important habitat, but even more so for its history of exporting and as one of the UK's principle sea links to the rest of the world.

Lydney Harbour has played a full part in making the Severn Estuary the gateway from the South West to the rest of the world. For these reasons it has always held a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of Lydney.

The Lydney Harbour stones are not actually ancient and were not built by druids, but were sculpted by local artist David Yeates and form a compass, with the directions carved into them. The stones were repurposed for this installation after having been used to create an emergency flood dam when the dock lock gates collapsed in 1997. 

Lydney Harbour is a place steeped in history and heritage.

There is a very pleasant and easy walk around the docks and harbour.

Future developments of the harbour are currently in progress following a successful funding bid. A cafe, toilets, new sculptures and information boards will be installed soon.

Free parking is available.

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