Gloucester Rocks

Kites Hill Nature Reserve

Parks & Walks

We found a lovely walk called ‘the tranquil walk’. There was loads to look at in terms of amazing trees and nature, but the warden has also worked hard to add extra surprises such as an artists bench (complete with art supplies and musical instruments), a deer spotting bench, stick dens and a poets corner.

The woodland was well looked after and held some beautiful, surprise resources such as musical instruments and poetry books. I’d never heard of World Land Trust before, so I went home and read about how they purchase land using the funds they raise, so that they can help to look after it.

Parking? Small lay-by at the entrance and some on road parking across the road. Larger lay-by a bit further down the road.

Facilities? None. Take your Kiddiwhizz and plenty of snacks!

Buggy friendly? No. Muddy, uneven ground. Definitely take a sling or baby carrier if you have a little one.

Walk written up by Steph from Head over to her website more of their adventures.

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