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Pop over to the urban gem that is Hillfield Garden in Gloucester for some fresh air and fun.

If you fancy visiting Hillfield Garden, here are the details:

Parking: 2 hours of free, on street parking on Denmark Road. Check signs to make sure you park in the right bays, as some are for permit holders only.

Buggy friendly Yes, there’s a path all the way round the edge of the gardens.

What is there to do? Playing by the sculptures, balancing on walls, making log obstacle courses, climbing trees, running along the paths and practising gymnastics on the grass. You can take time to read the signs and learn some of the garden’s history.

Notes: It’s a very popular dog walking spot, so be aware of that if anyone in the family is nervous of dogs. Also look out for poo (it wasn’t prolific, but we did move on from one area after discovering that one dog owner hadn’t picked up after their dog 🤢). The bin was overflowing, which meant there was quite a bit of litter scattered about in one particular area. It was such a shame as the rest of the garden was immaculate. 

Address: London Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 3LD  

Thank you to @stephloveshoney for finding it.  For more of her adventures follow along.

Hillfield Garden - image 1Hillfield Garden - image 2
Hillfield Garden - image 1Hillfield Garden - image 2

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