Circular Walk around Chosen Hill (Golden Egg)

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The golden egg is hidden in a garden in Churchdown.  It's a great find when enjoying a walk in or around Churchdown/Chosen Hill.

If you're visiting just to go and see the egg here's a quick guide on how to find it.

Follow your satnav to Stump Lane.  Follow the road as far as it goes until you come to a private road. That’s as far as you can drive before getting to the private road. There is a layby you can park in. It’s quite an overgrown single track road, so be prepared for a long reverse if you meet another car. It’s a fair way from where you come off the main road. From there you can follow the road left and you’ll soon see the house on your left.  On route are some eco houses with quirky things to look at. 

If you then follow the road along past the few houses at the end of that lane, you can take a footpath up onto the hill. Head back on yourself for a circular walk back to where you parked. 

The yellow circled bit on the photo is approximately where the house with the egg is. Park where the satnav pin takes you on the previous link and walk along the road, just a 100 meters or so and it’s there.

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