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Zentrin baby massage classes are a place where you can come and bond with your baby, learn the massage techniques in a relaxed environment and have the opportunity to make 'mummy friends and enjoy a hot drink. I will also be offering daddy & darling classes as well as I would hate for dads to miss out on special bonding time with their baby too. I can't wait to meet you in my classes.

Zentrin Baby MassageTaster Session £3

Monday 27th September - 12.15pm - 12.55pm

Try the Zentrin Baby massage taster session before booking onto a 5 week course. 40 minute class where you learn massage strokes and techniques whilst socialising with other new mums. The class is a wonderful experience to bond with your baby through a loving touch. All classes are 100% babyled.

Zen Baby Massage Course £49 for 5 weeks

Monday 1st November and run every Monday 11am-12pm, with the fifth and final session on Monday 29th November

The  Zentrin 5 week baby massage course is the perfect way for you to spend quality time with your baby and bond through loving touch. You will learn massage strokes and techniques, including specialized moves to help colic, teething pains and baby general well being.. Hosted in a local venue where you will meet other mums, enjoy adult conversation and hot drink.

Zen Daddy & Darling £10 a session

Zen Daddy & Darling workshop will be hosted on a weekend day on selected dates. This is for dads and their babies to spend quality time together and bond through massage. Dads will have one to one time with their baby in a non distractive environment where they will also learn to read babies cues. You can also socialize with other dads, whilst mums can have some time to themselves.

Zen Tiny Tummy £10 a session

Monday 18th October - 11am-12pm 

Zen Tiny Tummy  workshop's major focus is massaging baby's tummy to help with any discomforts.  Massaging your baby's tummy is helps to prevent colic , reducing build up gas. The massage aids digestion, improving constipation helping to soothe and settle. In the workshop we will also practice tummy time with some sensory play. Parents are also provided with refreshments and will enjoy socializing with other parents.

Zen Sensory Stay & Play £5 a session

Monday 4th October - 12.15pm-1pm 

Monday 18th October 12.15pm- 1pm

Zen sensory stay & plays are just as much aimed at parents as they are the little ones from 0 - 24 months. Babies will benefit from a variety of toys, interacting with others within their age group helping to build their confidence, all under the watchful eye of the parents. Parents will get the chance to enjoy refreshments and some much needed adult chat.