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Zentrin baby massage classes are a place where you can come and bond with your baby, learn the massage techniques in a relaxed environment and have the opportunity to make 'mummy friends and enjoy a hot drink. I will also be offering daddy & darling classes as well as I would hate for dads to miss out on special bonding time with their baby too. I can't wait to meet you in my classes.

Zentrin Baby Massage Taster Session £3

Try the Zentrin Baby massage taster session before booking onto a 5 week course. 40 minute class where you learn massage strokes and techniques whilst socialising with other new mums. The class is a wonderful experience to bond with your baby through a loving touch. All classes are 100% babyled.

Zen Baby Massage Course £49 for 5 weeks

Monday 9th May @ 11am (60 mins) @ St John’s Church

The  Zentrin 5 week baby massage course is the perfect way for you to spend quality time with your baby and bond through loving touch. You will learn massage strokes and techniques, including specialized moves to help colic, teething pains and baby general well being.. Hosted in a local venue where you will meet other mums, enjoy adult conversation and hot drink.

Zen Baby Yoga £45 for 5 weeks

Monday 9th May @ 12.15am(55mins) @ St John’s Church 

The Zentrin 5 week baby yoga course consists of relaxing classes for mum & baby, where babies will build their bodies strength and flexibility. Yoga, like baby massage, will aid constipation, digestion and ease colic and gas. A lovely bonding class which will encourage your baby's coordination & brain development. Hosted locally, enjoy a drink and socializing with like minded mums.

Zen Music & Move £35 for 5 weeks

Monday 9th May @ 10am (45mins) @ St John’s Church 

Music & movement are crucial for little ones early brain development. We will explore a different theme each week though music and play, where babies can enhance their social and physical development. You can enjoy a drink and chat at the end of each session.

Zen Zensory £21 for 3 weeks

Tuesday 10th May @ 10am (45mins) @ Badgeworth Village Hall

Each week we will explore a new theme, through music, messy play, lights, toys and more. Sensory and messy play provides little ones the opportunity to explore a variety of activities whilst enhancing their mental and physical development by improving hand eye coordination, encouraging curiosity and developing gross and fine motor skills.