Puddle Jumping 2022




  • All the family
  • Under 5s
  • School age






Make a splash this February Half Term at Slimbridge.

Grab your wellies and waterproofs for a wild time at our wetlands. Our Puddle Jumping Championships are the perfect rainy day activity. Come and make a splash and jump into nature!

This is amazing outdoor fun for all the family, but who will make the biggest splash? 

Perfect your splash to be the Puddle Jumping Champion and win a prize. 

As well as splashing about in puddles there’s lots of other fun activities to have a go at. Did you know puddles are mini wetlands? Almost half of the world’s plants and animals depend on wetlands. Small wildlife will use puddles to feed, drink and bathe. Seek out puddles where you live and get up close to see who might be using them. Or create your own puddle and see what wildlife visits you. Don’t forget to share your splashes with us at #puddlejumping

Adults £15.95 with donation, £14.50 

Children (4 - 16) £9.25 with donation, £8.40

Under 4s FREE