Interactive Archaeology (3D Street Art)


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Gloucester’s Heritage brought to life in spectacular 3D Artwork
30th July – 1st August 2021
Gloucester’s an ancient place, and wherever you go in the city centre you’re walking over some surprising archaeological remains; city walls, Roman buildings and even medieval churches survive beneath the city streets. Find out more, when it is brought life in three-dimensional form as pavement art in Westgate Street.

Returning this year after a successful event last September, Joe Hill of 3D Joe and Max will be creating three more amazing optical illusions based around the City’s heritage. Joe has been making holes in the ground come to life all over the world, and this will be a spectacular way to bring the city’s archaeology to life as part of the National Archaeology Festival. Come and have your photograph taken ‘in the ground’ to share with friends over social media and find out about the plans to conserve and rejuvenate Westgate Street.

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